Instructional Technology Center

Technology for Education

The Instructional Technology Center (ITC) of the Ateneo High School functions as a vital instrument as well as a basic support facility for quality education which aims to supplement and enrich the educational process. The use of the Instructional Technology Center facilities by individuals and groups in the Ateneo de Manila High School community is highly encouraged. Materials and equipment have been organized and guidelines and procedure are established to ensure the facility’s effective service to students and teachers.



The ITC is made up of two projection rooms which can accommodate a maximum of four classes at one time, a multi-purpose room which houses the recording booth, and a staff work area which serves as a storage area at the same time. The whole complex follows a flexible set-up, is air-conditioned and has adjustable lights. Furthermore, it has provision for computer-assisted instruction making use of advance computer software and hardware. All classrooms are also provided with an LCD projector and an audio-system to enhance the teaching-learning process.

The ITC contains some of the technology for projection as well as equipment for audio/video editing/recording, ning and photo/video documentation. Instructional materials in various formats are also part of the resources of the ITC, namely: video/audio recordings, kits, pictures, models and flip charts.

With technological advancement in the form of sophisticated equipment and facilities, new materials and varied services are incorporated into the educational program through the ITC. Policies and procedures are periodically reviewed, modified and updated, all in an effort to provide the best service to the clientele and safeguard the resources under its care.



The ITC aims to:



To provide support to the effective delivery of the school program as it strives to meet the needs of the students, teachers and other members of the community;


To provide users with materials, facilities and services most appropriate and meaningful in their growth and development in their competence;


To assist teachers in the selection and use of all types of materials which will enrich and implement the curriculum;


To organize the resources for easy access and dissemination;


To help students and teachers become skillful and discriminating users of non-print materials as well as equipment;

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