Information Literacy Program (ILP)

In this information age, information literacy is a survival skill; it is considered as one of the 21st century skills necessary for students to survive. To be information literate, one must acquire the ability not only to locate information but also to evaluate and use effectively the information found. Instead of drowning in the abundance of information that are available, an information literate individual knows when to use the information effectively to solve a problem or to make a decision, whether the information comes from a book, a film, the Internet, or any other possible sources.

In the desire to help the students of Ateneo de Manila Junior High School acquire information literacy skills, the professional librarians of the Educational Media Center (EMC) continuously formulate and implement an Information Literacy Program (ILP) from Grade 7 to Grade 10. To provide a meaningful learning experience, they work closely with the faculty (particularly English teachers) in planning and implementing the program. They divide the schedules among themselves so that all sections (including pull-out/advanced classes) are given formal instruction during their English period.

Through the combination of knowledge as well as a variety of instructional techniques and strategies, the librarians were able to create modules that motivate the students to utilize effectively the resources and services of the EMC and those of other sources, including virtual libraries. Apart from the basic orientation to the EMC normally conducted for Grade 7, the ILP focuses on the teaching of various library tools and reference sources and how to evaluate the information found from these sources. Another topic that is given emphasis is the concept of intellectual property rights, including strategies on how to avoid plagiarism. The prepared modules adhered to established guidelines of lesson planning that include a statement of objectives expressed in concrete behavioral terms, an introduction that catches students’ attention and explains the purpose of the lesson, an effective presentation of the materials to be learned, and an opportunity for feedback and evaluation.

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