More Than Just Books

"The Library is central to the instructional program of a school. Its main purpose is to provide service to the faculty, students and administration in accessing information, developing research strategies, and in the utilization of media. Programs are created to strengthen and improve the instruction in the school by developing in students lifelong learning skills and a love for reading." (Betty J. Morris, 1992. Administering the School Library Media Center.)



The Library aims to:



To provide a wide and updated collection of print in all subject areas that are appropriate to the needs of the faculty and suited to the interests and learning abilities of the students;


To prepare, select, organize and administer the materials that will make them easily available and accessible to faculty, students, and administrators;


To assist the faculty in the selection and effective use of various instructional materials to make the teaching-learning process more interesting and meaningful;


To encourage the faculty and students to develop a love of learning by spending more time reading books, periodicals, and other printed materials and by maximizing the use of audio-visual or non-print materials in the teaching-learning process;


To motivate, stimulate and improve the reading habits of the students so that they may grow in critical judgment and appreciation, and;


To meet the research needs of the students according to their level of maturity.

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