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Educational Media Center

Educational Media Center

The library and audio-visual center consist of print resources and audio-visual or multi-sensory resources. This area is sometimes referred to as the Learning Resource Center (LRC), Educational Media Center (EMC), Instructional Materials Center (IMC), or simply Media Center. The Educational Media Center of the Ateneo de Manila Junior High School consists of tow (2) sub-departments: the Library and the Instructional Technology Center (ITC). These contain materials that are especially prepared, selected, organized and administered by competent librarians and staff, specifically for the purpose of instruction and is not a mere storage area. 



Mission, Vision, and Goals



The Educational Media Center envisions to become the central hub in the instructional programs of the school, connecting its clientele with knowledge in all forms to maintain competitive advantage. 



In support of the vision-mission of the Ateneo de Manila High School, the Educational Media Center commits itself to:

  • provide the environment for learning with access to all kinds of formats and resources;
  • help clientele to become discriminating consumers and effective users of information;
  • develop the love for reading and literary appreciation;
  • provide opportunities for clientele to appreciate their cultural heritage. 



  1. effective, efficient, and proactive services to the school community;
  2. full partnerships with fellow workers and among administrators, faculty and students;
  3. maximum utilization of resources and services;
  4. an integral part of the curriculum.

The Logo

The logo represents the two (2) sub-departments of the EMC: the Library and the ITC.

The Library is represented by an open book on the left that consist of three (3) parts which symbolize the 3 thrusts of the EMC: Read. Learn. Connect. The ITC is represented by three (3) lines on the right in various colors that symbolize an environment that promotes access to all kinds of formats and resources, carefully selected, organized, and made available by librarians to its clientele. The colors were based from the Ateneo de Manila University logo: blue (azure) represents fortitude and loyalty, red represents martyrdom, sacrifice, and strengths, and gold represents nobility and generosity in support of the mission, vision, and goals of the school to provide opportunities for faculty and students to develop the love for reading and literary appreciation guided by Ignatian values and principles.



Islaw is the official icon of the Educational Media Center. It is based on the Patron Saint of the Ateneo de Manila Junior High School, St. Stanislaus Kostka. The young saint is characterized by simplicity, sincerity, and perseverance, qualities that a young Atenean can imitate. Following the example of St. Kostka, the EMC aims to cultivate young minds through reading and learning.

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Loyola Heights, Quezon City

+63 2 426-6001 loc. 6200-6203